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Home Installations

e.g. 502 Hay St, SUBIACO WA 6008

Need installation help? Call a techii™

Some people find connecting broadband and gadgets a little tricky, so we’re here to help.

Whatever the Westnet product or hardware, your Westnet techii™ will visit your home to offer personalised, end-to-end installation solutions to get your broadband up and running. Let’s get your entire home connected, not just your modem.

A techii™ can help with:

On-Demand Setup & Configuration

What’s the point of having shiny gadgets if you’re not getting the most out of them? Your techii™ can help with setting up your new Westnet broadband service, modem, home network and Fetch TV. We can also help connect and configure your internet-ready peripherals such as smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, gaming consoles, PCs, laptops and more!

Always on the go? We can also assist with setting up email on your new smartphone. You’ll never miss an important email again!

Wireless HotspotsWireless Home Networking & Security

Your techii™ can help set up your secure wireless network around your home, and ensure your wireless-enabled gadgets are able to securely connect to the internet.

We can also provide recommendations on network range optimisation and speed.

Internet SecuritySupport, Troubleshooting & Optimisation

Home network misbehaving? Computer running slow? An Westnet techii™ can help troubleshoot and fix any connectivity problems.

We can also help optimise your PC or Laptop, curing it of performance issues, and if your gadgets need customisation, we can take care of that for you too.

Talk MoreTech-ucation

Want to know more about this internet thing? Your techii™ can help with general ‘net and computer advice. We’ll explain Westnet features such as Webmail and Freezone to help you get the best out of your new broadband connection. We can also help you unlock the most out of your new gadgets.

If you’ve just bought a new smartphone, iPad, tablet device, gaming console, PC or laptop, we can help configure and show you and your family around all the necessary bells and whistles.

Book techii™

Available in the Perth, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide metro areas.
You can organise a visit by calling 1300 786 068 or adding one to your order.

Upfront for 60 minutes

You can organise a visit by calling 1300 786 068 or adding one to your cart above.

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