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Mobile Broadband

Mobile Broadband Plans

Stay connected in more places with Westnet Mobile Broadband! With 3G and 4G coverage, you can stay connected whether you're at home, on the train, or out and about, just plug in your USB modem to enjoy wireless broadband access on your laptop within mobile coverage areas.


  • 4G

    Available in most metro areas. Currently the fastest network available for mobile devices.

  • 3G

    Available for 98% of Australians

Broadband Quota

The Excess usage charge is 2c/mB on 4G Mobile Broadband Services and 5c/mB on 3G Mobile Broadband Services

The Excess usage charge is 2c/mB on 4G Mobile Broadband Services and 5c/mB on 3G Mobile Broadband Services


Do you need hardware?

  • MobiiConnect 4G

    A USB dongle with WiFi to share the connection with up to 10 Gadgets. Simply connect to any external USB power adaptor, you are set to surf the net.



  • MobiiHotspot 4G

    Add a MobiiHotspot to one of our mobile broadband plans and connect up to 10 devices at home or out and about.



Your Plan: 4G Mobile Broadband 1GB 4G Nano SIM Card

Minimum total cost for the 4G Mobile Broadband 1GB plan with 4G Nano SIM Card is $40.






All Westnet Mobile Broadband plans come with

  • Email 10 email addresses
    1GB webspace
  • Internet Security Complimentary email protection
    against virus & spam threats
  • Customers 24/7 customer service
    Support when you need it most
Save $5 per month when bundling broadband or phone
* excludes 4G Mobile Broadband 1.5GB plan.

No setup fees

With no wires or costly installation, mobile broadband is easy to get started. You'll receive your wireless USB modem shortly after signing up - just follow the setup instructions and be online within minutes.

Coverage to 98% of Australians

Our 3G plans access the Optus Dual Band 3G mobile network, with 98% coverage of populated Australia. This means we can give you great service throughout metro and regional areas - or where other networks can't offer the same speed and value for money. Our 4G network is currently only available in Sydney, Perth, Melbourne, Newcastle, Queensland and the Gold Coast metro but stay tuned as other areas come online!

Terms summary

  • Our plans access the Optus Dual Band 3G and 4G mobile networks. The service is available in areas within Optus 3G/4G mobile network coverage.
  • If you experience difficulty with your connection at your primary place of use, our 10-day return policy allows you to cancel your contract and return your hardware. To be eligible for this policy, you must provide a valid address and confirm that this was checked against the coverage checker when you signed up for the service.
  • Mobile data is counted in 1kB increments.
  • An excess fee per megabyte (MB) applies once the monthly data allowance is reached. Usage is counted from the first day, expiring on the last day, of each calendar month.
  • It's a customer's responsibility to manage their data usage. While 3G usage data is available in MyAccount within 20 minutes, 4G data usage may take up to 48 hours to appear. Your mobile broadband device has real-time usage monitoring available for more up-to-date usage statistics. Have a look at our helpful Help article for further details
  • Both uploads and downloads count towards monthly usage. You will receive notification when you are about to reach your allowance.
  • Separate contracts may apply when bundling Mobile Broadband with our ADSL broadband product.
  • Receive $5 off the monthly Mobile Broadband price when you bundle with a Westnet Broadband plan (excludes Naked DSL and 4G Mobile Broadband 1.5GB plan).
  • The MobiiConnect 4G and MobiiHotspot 4G are compatible with the 4G network, but it must be used with a 4G Mobile Broadband service and be within a 4G coverage area in order to get the full performance benefits of the 4G network. If the device is used with a 3G service or is outside of a 4G coverage area, it will default to the 3G network.

For more information, please refer to our Mobile Broadband terms, fees & guarantees.

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