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What will the NBN do for you?

We take a look at the technologies being delivered, how they affect you, and the benefits of superfast NBN.

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Our interactive map shows you everywhere the NBN is and where it's coming next.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get connected to the NBN?

So, you’ve checked your premises on the coverage map and everything seems NBN ready - congratulations! You’ll need to pick an NBN Plan so we can customise the right service for your needs. You’ll also need a site visit by a technician to complete the installation, but don’t worry, when you upgrade to the NBN with iiNet we will organise and manage this entire process for you. It’s easy, just give one of our friendly NBN Experts a call on 13 19 60.

When is NBN coming to my area?

There is a handy coverage map where you can check to see if construction has commenced in your location. Unfortunately we won’t be able to provide any timetables if the NBN rollout hasn’t yet started in your area. Information in the rollout map is updated regularly, so keep checking! But the best way to stay informed is to join the NBN Wait List, we’ll let you know how the rollout is progressing and when it will become live in your area.

Handy Tip: The coverage checker map that is included on our website gathers information directly from NBN Co. (the organisation responsible for the installation of new NBN infrastructure).Therefore it is updated as often as they update their systems.

Will my landline phone still work when I switch to the NBN?

This depends on your NBN connection. For our Fixed Wireless or Satellite customers, your existing copper will remain connected indefinitely. If you have an NBN Fibre connection, then your existing copper connection will be disconnected 18 months after the NBN passes through your area.

If you’re on an NBN Fibre connection and you want to continue to use a phone service you’ll have to connect to the NBN before disconnection occurs.

To reward you for your excellent taste in NBN, we will include all your local and standard national calls through Netphone (VoIP). Add value to your Netphone plan by adding our $10 Mobile Call Pack or $10 International Call Pack. Just make sure your equipment is VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) capable. Please read further for more information.

If you feel that Netphone isn't right for you our Fibre Phone packages start from $19.95 and include all your local and standard national calls as well as having between 3 and 11 hours of battery back-up when your power is not working (provided you have a non-powered traditional phone). Please note that battery life may last for less than 3 hours if not fully charged and you will need to request that a battery backup unit is installed when applying for NBN Fibre.

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