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Dialup Plans

Access the internet from anywhere with a phone service - not tied to a fixed location or bound to specific coverage areas. Just plug in your modem and 'dial up' our national access number to get online.

Hourly Dialup Unlimited Dialup
Monthly plan cost
Included hours 60 per month Unlimited
Excess charges
$1 per hour (max 10 hrs charged)
$1 per hour (max 20 hrs charged)

  • 20c local calls
  • $1.98 national calls up to 2 hours
  • $1.98 international calls up to 30 minutes to our top 20 call destinations
  • convenience of one bill for your internet and phone services
Total monthly cost
Download the Dialup Critical Information Summary

All Westnet dialup plans come with

  • Hosting 1GB webspace
    for your own website
  • Email 5 email addresses
    with Webmail or download access
  • Internet Security Complimentary email protection
    against virus & spam threats
  • Timeline No cut-off time
    Stay on for as long as you want
  • Customers 24/7 customer service
    Support when you need it most.
  • Dialup One national dialup number
    Connect for the cost of a local call

Terms summary

  • Our dialup plans come with no cut-off time, giving you control over how long you stay connected, regardless of how much data is uploaded and downloaded at any given time.
  • The included anti-spam and anti-virus protection are server level email-only filters that protect Westnet email accounts only. We recommend using a desktop anti-virus or separate internet security application to protect your computer system and home network from other means of infection.

For more information, please refer to our Dialup terms, fees & guarantees.

Get online easily with Dialup

To connect your dialup, you'll need:

  • Phone Phone line
    An active phone landline (so your dialup modem can find the internet).
  • Hardware Dialup modem
    This is the guy that connects you to the internet through your phone line. Some computers come with internal modems that live inside your computer; others come as an external box that plugs into your computer at one end and the phone at the other.

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