Looking for an awesome plan offering fast, reliable internet, but don't know which broadband connection is right for you? At Westnet, we provide a wide range of broadband solutions that will be suitable to different people based on location, availability and home phone requirements.

Here is a comparison between the different types of broadband we offer, but we recommend doing a quick address check below to see which products are available to you first. Once you know which services you can get, it'll be a lot easier to compare broadband plans.

Broadband Options


Sign up to ADSL online
and save.

ADSL or ADSL2+ is a fixed-line internet service that is usually bundled with a home phone. Compare ADSL Plans if you want a reliable landline phone to go with your broadband service.

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Naked DSL

Get rid of old-fashioned
phone line rental.

Naked DSL is a fixed-line internet service without phone line rental. Compare Naked DSL Plans if you want broadband without the extra cost of a home phone, while still being able to make calls using VoIP.

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No lock-in contracts
now available.

The NBN Fibre is a super-fast fixed-line internet service that is replacing ADSL and Naked DSL. Compare NBN Plans and find out if you can get NBN speeds.

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