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This article will answer some frequently asked questions about Westnet VDSL2.

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What exactly is VDSL2?

VDSL (Very-high-bitrate Digital Subscriber Line) gives you superfast broadband speeds delivered over our very own fibre-to-the-node network (part fibre and part copper) in the ACT. The data transmission runs over short lengths of copper cables connected between our own network nodes and your premises, which allows us to provide speeds much faster than ADSL2+.


How do I know if I'm eligible for VDSL2?

You can check your service eligibility by entering your address on our website. VDSL2 is only available within the ACT.

A more detailed service qualification will be performed once your application has been submitted.

If we’re unable to provide you with VDSL2, you may be eligible for one of our ADSL plans instead.


What happens after I submit my application?

  1. A service qualification test will be performed on your phone line.
  2. As activation will require a technician to visit your premises, if your line is compatible, a technician will contact you to arrange a preferred installation date within 2 weeks of your order.
  3. Once that appointment has been booked, we’ll pre-provision your VDSL2 service so that it’s active and ready to use as soon once the technician has performed any necessary work at your premises.
  4. On the date of installation, the technician will come equipped with your VDSL2 modem (if ordered in your original application), and will complete the installation at your premises This will include setup of your Netphone VoIP service, provided it’s activated prior to the visit*.

*When porting an existing number to Netphone, this process will take longer than a new number activation, and may not be completed until after your VDSL2 service has been installed. In this instance, you’ll still be able to easily configure Netphone yourself by following the instructions in your Netphone activation email, Quick Start Guide provided with our VDSL2 modem, or just call our friendly support team on 1300 786 068, and they’ll be more than happy to help.


Does somebody need to be home on the day of VDSL2 installation?

Yes. You, or an authorised representative (someone you trust aged 18 or over) needs to be there for the whole appointment to let the technician in and advise where the equipment should be located.


What about any hardware that I've ordered?

The VDSL2 modem ordered in your initial application will be delivered by the technician on the date of your pre-arranged on-site installation.

Any other hardware will be dispatched by courier to your nominated delivery address once we’ve been supplied with a connection date by the technician. These orders generally take between 3-5 working days to arrive, but we try to ensure the hardware gets to you before your activation date.


What appointments are available when a technician visits my premises to connect VDSL2?

Technician appointments are available within the following 4-hour blocks on business days:

  • Morning (8AM - 12PM)
  • Afternoon (1PM - 5PM)

Someone over the age of 18 must be present during your appointment to allow the technician to gain access to your premises.


What do I need to do before the VDSL2 installation appointment?

We’ll be in touch ahead of the technicians visit to determine whether the setup type required within your premises can be performed without additional charges beyond your standard setup fee. Installation might not be possible in some locations due to safety or other considerations such as the need for additional wiring.

Before their visit, have a think about where you’d like your VDSL2 modem to be connected;

  • Near your current internet (wireless) modem/router if you have one.
  • Near your existing phone or network cabling.
  • Near an accessible power point.
  • In a cool, dry, and ventilated area.
  • Away from busy areas where it may get knocked or damage


What’s going to happen on the day of the VDSL2 installation?

Firstly, you’ll receive an sms from the technician on the day of their visit.

When the technician arrives at your property, ensure you check their ID before letting them inside to ensure they are a Visionstream contracted VDSL2 technician.

If your premises has previously been connected to a VDSL2 network, standard installation will normally take between approximately 30 minutes to an hour. If your premises has never been connected to VDSL2 before, then an overhead aerial cable to your house (from power pole into your roof) will be required. This is included in your standard setup, and installation may take up to 2 hours to complete.

Once the physical installation is complete, our technician will then test to ensure your connection is working before they leave. If your Netphone (VoIP) service activation has been completed by the date of your installation, they’ll be able to test this too.

Some other items to be mindful of;

  • As a general rule our technicians do not move household furniture therefore this will be the responsibility of the householder. Please assist our technicians where this may be required.
  • Some drilling may be required (e.g. to mount equipment), so be prepared for a small amount of drilling noise and dust, which our technician will clean up afterwards.
  • If you ask the technician to perform additional work at the time of your installation then an additional appointment to complete this work may be required, and additional fees applied separately.


Are there any services that won’t work when I have VDSL2?

Yes. Any service that relies on a standard landline phone service with a dial tone will no longer work when you have VDSL2. This includes:

  • Priority Assistance phone services
  • Fax machines
  • EFTPOS or vending machines
  • Back-to-base VPN
  • Monitored security alarms
  • Dial-up security cameras

Digital Pay TV may also be affected if you switch to VDSL2 – please consult your Pay TV provider to find out if VDSL2 will support your TV services.

Please note: Westnet does not offer a Priority Assistance service. If you are a Priority Assistance customer please consider this prior to lodging your application.


Can I change my VDSL2 plan?

Whether you have a no lock-in contract or a 24 month contract you may switch between our VDSL2 plans at any time without incurring contract break fees. A plan change fee of $29 may apply if you change to a plan of equal or lesser value.

If you wish to change your VDSL2 plan, you can do so in MyAccount or by calling us on 1300 855 006.


Will my current modem/router work with the VDSL2?

If you already own a modem/router then we suggest that you check with its manufacturer to see if it is capable of supporting VDSL2. However, if you haven't been connected to VDSL2 before, chances are your modem is not compatible.

If you also wish to use Netphone (VoIP) with your compatible VDSL2 service, please ensure that your modem is also capable of supporting VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). Our own VDSL2 modem supports both WiFi and VoIP and is offered at no cost on a 24-month contract.


Connecting your existing phone to VDSL2

If your VDSL2 modem VoIP-enabled, you'll be able to plug an existing phone handset or wireless base station directly into the VoIP port on your modem.

If you prefer to have internal wired phone sockets in several locations around your home, you can operate VoIP in this same fashion, however please note that while this work can be arranged with our installer, it is outside of the standard VDSL2 setup and will incur additional costs.


Are VDSL2 speeds guaranteed?

All speeds that have been quoted for VDSL2 are the maximum possible speeds attainable, however this does not guarantee that the devices in your home will be able to achieve the quoted speed.

Speed is dependent on multiple different factors, such as:

  • Cable length between your premises and our equipment at the node
  • Any modems/routers, switches or hubs connected to your VDSL2 installation
  • Your PC/laptop/mobile devices and their ability to handle the supplied speed.
  • If you’re using WiFi to connect devices to VDSL2.

While we will always make sure that you are getting the most out of your VDSL2 connection, we are unable to guarantee that you will always receive the full speeds of your plan.


What is Netphone?

Netphone is a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone service that works over your internet connection. Instead of plugging a phone handset into the wall, you’ll plug it into a VoIP-enabled modem (like our own VDSL2 modem) to enjoy some serious savings on your call rates!


I want to keep my current landline number for Netphone when I move to VDSL2. Is this possible?

Yes, in most cases we can bring your existing telephone number over to Netphone. We understand that moving to a new network isn’t always easy, so our technical gurus use a process called LNP (Local Number Portability) to remove the hassle. There are just a few things we need to check before bringing your phone number over, but leave that to us. Just call our friendly Sales Staff on 13 19 60 to discuss further.


Will my Netphone VoIP number be listed in the Whitepages?

By default, your Netphone number will not be listed in the Whitepages. You can have your Netphone number listed the Whitepages by following the advice here.


Which features are available with Netphone?

  • Voice mail
  • Call waiting
  • Voice messaging to email
  • Call forwarding
  • Do not disturb
  • Caller line ID delivery blocking
  • Call return
  • Three-way chat