NBN Coverage

Shaping Once you reach your quota limit for the month, it's common practise for ISPs to charge excess usage fees. Except for us - instead of charging you more money, we slow your internet speed for the remainder of your billing month.

So, for example, if you exceed your peak quota, your peak speed will be shaped until the following month.
Upload & Download A download is everything you receive over the internet. A upload is everything you transfer onto the internet.
Retail Service Provider (RSP) The same way you'd choose an Internet Service Provider (ISP) at the moment, you'll need to choose a Retail Service Provider to provide you with ongoing services (including internet and phone), products, support and assistance if you connect to the NBN.
Freezone The Freezone is an area where Westnet members on selected plans can view, download play and listen to selected websites without affecting their monthly quota.