Netphone allows our customers to make cheap phone calls through a broadband connection, instead of the phone line. To make it even better, all local and standard national calls are included with Netphone.
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Add Netphone for a better choice in voice. Netphone is included with many residential Broadband plans (call inclusions may vary).
Depending on the broadband plan that you bundle Netphone with, the monthly fee may be discounted to $0. Cost of modem and other equipment are not included.
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Call Rates & Information

Calls to other Netphone numbers


Local calls


Standard National calls


International calls

from 5c per minute

Calls to Australian mobiles

29c/min (per 30 second block)

1300 and 13 numbers

30c untimed

Call Packs

Not available with all Broadband plans.


Top 20 Destination flags

Features & Add-ons

Our Netphone service comes with convenient call features included - plus a selection of enhanced functions you can add for just a little bit extra.

If you already have a Netphone service with Westnet, you can manage your add-ons in MyAccount.

All Westnet Netphone plans come with these features

3-Way Calling

Chat with two people at once, with callers able to leave and join at any time. You can even place one person on hold, allowing you to speak privately with the other.

Call Forwarding Always

Redirect all your calls to another destination. Just specify a forwarding number when you activate. Standard call charges apply.

Call Forwarding Busy

Use Call Forwarding Busy to redirect incoming calls when you're already on the line. Standard call charges apply.

Call Forwarding No Answer

This feature redirects calls when an incoming call is not answered within eight rings. Standard call charges apply.

Calling Line ID Inbound & Outbound

See who's calling you, and have the option to hide your number when making calls. Caller ID is active by default as part of your Netphone service, and should you wish to suppress your number when making a call, simply dial *67 first.

Call Return

Call Return lets you contact your most recent caller, regardless of whether you answered their call. Netphone remembers the last number that called and reconnects you on command. Simply dial *69.

Call Waiting

If you're already on a call, Call Waiting lets you know when someone else is trying to get through. You can place your conversation on hold to answer the second incoming call.

Do Not Disturb

Set your line to busy or have the incoming call forwarded to voice mail as desired.

Voice Mail

Set up your own answering service for when you can't pick up a call. This service comes with free Voice Mail support and a Voice Messaging to Email feature for when you need a copy of the recorded message. Standard call charges apply.

Make the most of your phone service with these extra add-ons

Music on Hold

Entertain your callers while they wait. Music available includes rock, pop, jazz/funk and dance.

$1.95 per

Sequential Ring

Ring up to 3 locations (in addition to your primary phone) in the sequence you supply.

$1.95 per

Simultaneous Ring

With Simultaneous Ring, you can have multiple phones ring simultaneously when calls are received. For example, calls to your desk phone could also ring your mobile, so you can connect from anywhere in the house.

$1.95 per

International & long distance

Netphone gives you great rates on international calls - anytime, with no peak or off-peak schedule. Timed calls are charged per second so you only pay for the time you talk.

International call rates

Where mobile rates aren't listed, landline rates apply. Rates listed as special refer to local freedial numbers - free for callers within that country (like 1800 numbers), but charged at a premium rate internationally.

Cheaper rates on international calls

With Netphone, international calls come with no connection fee and no peak time restrictions – just the same great rates whenever you pick up the phone. Take a look at our International and long distance rates for a full list of international call rates.

Get all your calls to landlines in our top 20 international destinations below included when you add an International Call Pack.

  • UK
  • Germany
  • Hong Kong
  • Canada
  • USA
  • France
  • Netherlands
  • New Zealand
  • Singapore
  • Ireland
  • China
  • South Africa
  • South Korea
  • Indonesia
  • Italy
  • Japan
  • Malaysia
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland
  • Taiwan

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FAQs, Terms, Fees & Guarantees

Frequently Asked Questions

This section will answer some frequently asked questions about Westnet’s Netphone (VoIP) service.

What is Netphone?

Netphone is a VoIP service. VoIP stands for "Voice over Internet Protocol" – basically, it’s a phone service that transmits your voice over your internet connection.

What are the benefits of Netphone?

  • Significantly cheaper call rates than traditional phones (for call rates on discontinued Netphone (VoIP) plans, please refer to the plan's Critical Information Summary).
  • Mobile call charges are 29c/min (per 30 second block).
  • International calls from 5c per minute. Check rates per country.
  • 1300 and 13 numbers 30c untimed.

In exchange for these significant cost benefits, Netphone is only available to those who agree to waive their rights under the Customer Service Guarantee.

How do I set up Netphone?

Once your Netphone service has been activated, you’ll need to configure the service in your modem. For full instructions, see Setting up VoIP.

Is it possible to have Home Phone and Netphone at the same time?

Yes, provided your address has an active copper phone line connected and you have an ADSL/ADSL2+ broadband service.

It’s even possible to have calls to your Home Phone number and your Netphone number come to the same handset if it’s connected to your modem in a specific way called “PSTN Failover”. Learn how to set this up.

Will Netphone work if my internet connection is down?

No. If the internet connection is down, you won’t be able to make or receive calls using your Netphone service.

Please note: If your modem is set up to route Home Phone calls, and your internet connection is down, outgoing calls will be made by your Home Phone service at the rates applicable for Home Phone.

Can I bring my landline number across the Netphone?

Yes, in most cases we can bring your existing telephone number over to Netphone using a process called LNP (Local Number Portability). There are a few things we'll need to check before bringing your phone number over - just call our friendly Sales team on 13 19 17 to make an enquiry.

If I move house, can I keep my Netphone number?

Netphone numbers are attached to geographical zones, so unfortunately we cannot guarantee that you will be able to keep the same Netphone number if you move house.

Which features are available with Netphone VoIP?

Available features vary depending on the type of VoIP service you have with us. Please see the articles for a full list of available features and how to use them.

Changes to Making a New Account

As part of our ongoing commitment to deliver great service and value to our customers, we are planning to move existing Westnet residential customers to iiNet in 2024.

New residential customers can sign up to plans at iiNet from 6 December 2023.

This will not disrupt existing customers’ current services at this time and no action is required to continue as a valued Westnet customer. Existing customers can still change plans, add new services, update account details, move house, and upgrade to a new broadband technology. Learn more about this change.

Terms summary

All Westnet services are bound by our Customer Relationship Agreement. This page offers a quick summary of the terms, fees and guarantees that come with your service. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us on 13 19 17.
  • Full terms for Netphone are stipulated in our Customer Relationship Agreement.
  • We do not offer priority assistance, nor support for medi-alert services and monitored alarm systems. Priority assistance is offered by Telstra for people who may be reliant on a telephone service because of a serious medical condition. If you have a medi-alert or priority assistance service or believe that you are eligible, please consider this before proceeding with your order.
  • Netphone is provided on the basis that you waive your Customer Service Guarantee (CSG). You do not have to agree to the waiver, but if you do not agree, we have the right to decline to supply the service.
  • Calls to 000 emergency services are not guaranteed in the event of a power outage.
  • Calls to 19/1900 numbers are not available with Netphone.
  • Calls to certain ‘high-risk’ international destinations are not available by default.
  • For calls on Netphone:
    • Timed national and international calls are charged per second.
    • Calls to mobile numbers are charged per 30 second block.
    • Acceptable Use Policy applies to all included calls.
  • Call Packs not available with all Broadband plans.

Is this your first time with Netphone?

To get Netphone working on your broadband connection, you'll need:

  • A phone handset
    Netphone works just like a normal phone. To start using it, all you need is a standard phone plugged into your VoIP-enabled broadband modem.

    Which means you also need...

  • A VoIP-enabled broadband modem
    Time for a shameless plug: we recommend using a TG-789 modem, because it's easy to set up and plays well with Westnet Broadband, Fibre and Westnet TV with Fetch.

    Unless you use...

  • A VoIP adapter (ATA)
    If you're not ready for a VoIP-enabled modem, an ATA device will let you plug in your phone handset for Netphone calls.