Westnet no longer sells this product.

For existing Home Phone customers, you can view call rates below.

Call Rates

Local calls

20c untimed

Standard National calls

$1.98 up to 2 hours
17c/min. 44c flagfall

Calls to Australian mobiles

$2.48 up to 20 minutes
37c/min charged per 30 second block. 44c flagfall


$1.98 up to 30 minutes to top 20 countries (landlines only).
Variable rates per country. 44c flagfall

1300 and 13 numbers

40c untimed


Call Forward, Call Return, Call Waiting, 3-Way Chat, Call Back

International & Long Distance Calling

Our great long distance and international rates are valid any time - with no peak or off-peak schedule. Timed calls are charged per second so you only pay for the time you stay connected.

National call rates

International call rates

Where mobile rates aren't listed, landline rates apply. Rates listed as special refer to local freedial numbers - free for callers within that country (like 1800 numbers), but charged at a premium rate internationally.