Coverage map

Having the flashiest new smartphone with the greatest plan is meaningless if you can't use it to its fullest extent. Dropped calls, trouble sending and receiving messages, and slow-to-non-existent loading times negate any of the benefits that come with owning a great device.

That's why Westnet puts such a premium on mobile coverage around Australia. To work out the kind of mobile broadband service available to you, you'll need to check out how far services reach into your area on the coverage map. You can inspect an exact address or widen to a general region, tailoring the search to your specific needs.

Larger metropolitan cities all over the country are flush with quick and reliable 4G service. Marquee areas in and around Sydney, Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Melbourne, Adelaide, Canberra and Perth are just some of the major locations that have indoor and outdoor service for essential features such as voice calling, text messaging, email and internet. In most cases this blanket coverage expands outwards from these epicenters, offering high quality service to thousands of users. More isolated towns, including - but not limited to - Dubbo and Bendigo, also serve as outposts of 4G activity.

Thousands of users outside major regions are connected to Westnet's service via 3G technology. The coverage map will let you know the amount of service you'll have, indoors and outdoors, in the less populated sections of the nation.

Mobile coverage from Westnet is continually expanding, with faster service speeds becoming available to more customers each week. Those in major population hubs already know the benefits of great 4G mobile broadband coverage. The steady growth and improvement of Westnet's mobile broadband technology will continue enabling users to perform their daily tasks on their devices.