About International Roaming

When you visit a foreign country, you lose connection to your original service provider and your devices automatically connect to another carrier. You may have noticed when powering up your phone overseas that you'll see another company's name at the top of your display; that's the carrier you've connected to. This other company has taken over providing a connection for your phone to use. That means your hometown plan no longer applies.

This concept, known as international roaming, still lets you perform all the usual functions on your phone such as sending and receiving messages, making and taking calls, and surfing the web while you're abroad. When you use international roaming, your regular service provider charges you. This is because it will have an agreement with the foreign company whose infrastructure you use while travelling.

It's important to stay informed about what counts as international roaming. Westnet mobile plans are great within the borders of Australia, but they don't initially cover you outside the country's boundaries. While incoming texts are still free, sending messages and making and receiving calls will see you picking up the tab for the international portion of the call. You'll also face higher data usage fees while roaming.

The default service plans provided by Westnet do not have international roaming activated. If you want to use your phone while travelling under Westnet rates, you will have to activate roaming on your handset. You can decide to turn it on for a limited time or can switch it on permanently. It is easy to avoid being stung by exorbitant international roaming fees while travelling. International roaming rates from Westnet keep your mind off your mobile bill, allowing you to concentrate on the great experiences ahead of you.

International roaming rates

These rates apply to mobile calls and data usage on your Westnet Mobile service while travelling outside Australia.

  • Roaming usage is excluded from your plan's included value.
  • Roaming applies to both making and receiving calls while overseas.
  • To avoid unnecessary roaming charges, remember to switch off your phone's roaming feature when not in use.

Activating international roaming

Roaming is inactive by default for Westnet Mobile services. Before you travel, you'll be able to activate roaming on a permanent or 90-day basis.