Customer Service Guarantee

Westnet is committed to providing outstanding customer service and complying with the Customer Service Guarantee Standard (CSG Standard), which is monitored by the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA).

This means that for eligible services we promise to meet certain minimum performance standards and to provide our customers with financial compensation when these are not met.

The CSG Standard covers the supply of standard fixed line telephone services. The CSG Standard sets out timeframes for the connection of standard telephone services, the repair of faults and for appointments.

Only voice telephony faults are covered. This means that non-voice faults such as Internet access or fax faults are not covered by the CSG Standard. In addition, where we make these features available to you, the following enhanced call-handling features are also covered by the CSG Standard:

  • call waiting
  • call forwarding
  • call barring (not including blocking that has been programmed on the entire network)
  • calling number display
  • calling number display blocking

The CSG Standard does not apply to customer equipment or to customers who have more than five telephone services.


In some situations, we are exempt from complying with the CSG. These situations include:

  • Where non-compliance or delays are due to circumstances outside our control (please see mass disruptions).
  • Where you have agreed to waive CSG rights and protections. Learn more.
  • Where an enhanced call handling feature is not available (for example, due to existing network limitations).
  • Where it is necessary to withdraw the service(s) in order to maintain or upgrade a facility or network and Westnet has given reasonable notice.
  • If you fail to keep an appointment with Westnet without giving at least 24 hours' notice.
  • If you have not co-operated or have denied us access to your premises.

Full details of performance requirements and the compensation levels are available from the ACMA's website.

More information about CSG Waivers

Some iiNet telephony services are provided on the basis that you agree to waive the CSG in exchange for a high value service. Charges for these plans are typically cheaper than other plans on the market which do not ask you to waive CSG.

You do not have to agree to the CSG waiver, but if you do not agree, we have the right to decline to supply the service. If you agree to the waiver but withdraw your consent within 5 working days, the waiver will not be effective, however you agree that we may cancel the agreement to supply you with a service.

While the CSG does not relate to broadband services, some iiNet broadband services are bundled with telephony services. If you do not agree to waive CSG for the telephony service, we have the right to decline to supply the services to you, including the broadband service.

iiNet prides itself on delivering excellent customer service and quickly rectifying faults, even where the CSG has been waived. We will endeavor to resolve any service issues as quickly as possible.

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