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Netphone (VoIP)

Netphone Netphone allows you to make cheap phone calls through your broadband connection, instead of your phone line (phone lines are so nineties). To make it even better, all your local and standard national calls are included with Netphone.

Step 1: Add Netphone

A simple way to save money on phone bills. Add to your Westnet ADSL Broadband or NBN plan for a better choice in voice.

Calls to other Netphone numbers Included
Local calls Included
Standard National calls Included
International calls from 5c per minute
Calls to Australian mobiles 29c/min (per 30 second block)
1300 and 13 numbers 30c untimed

Depending on the broadband plan that you bundle Netphone with, the monthly fee may be discounted to $0. Phone line connection fee may apply. Cost of modem and other equipment are not included.

Download the VoIP Critical Information Summary



Netphone is included with any Naked DSL, VDSL2, FTTH, or Cable plan. Only existing customers can add Netphone to an ADSL plan. If you have an ADSL plan, please log into MyAccount to buy this product.

Step 2: Add Call Packs

VoIP International Call Pack

Includes all your calls to landlines in our Top 20 International destinations

$10 per month

Available for purchase in MyAccount

Not available with all Broadband plans.

VoIP Mobile Call Pack

Includes all your calls to standard Australian mobiles

$10 per month

Available for purchase in MyAccount

Not available with all Broadband plans.

Cheaper rates on international calls

With Netphone, international calls come with no connection fee and no peak time restrictions – just the same great rates whenever you pick up the phone. Take a look at our International and long distance rates for a full list of international call rates.

Get all your calls to landlines in our top 20 international destinations below included when you add an International Call Pack.

  1. UK
  2. Germany
  3. Hong Kong
  4. Canada
  5. USA
  1. France
  2. Netherlands
  3. New Zealand
  4. Singapore
  5. Ireland
  1. China
  2. South Africa
  3. South Korea
  4. Indonesia
  5. Italy
  1. Japan
  2. Malaysia
  3. Sweden
  4. Switzerland
  5. Taiwan

Important Information

Terms summary

  • Timed international calls are charged per second.
  • Calls to mobile numbers are charged per 30 second block.
  • Included calls are subject to the Acceptable Use Policy.

For more information, please refer to our Netphone terms, fees & guarantees.

Is this your first time with Netphone?

To get Netphone working on your broadband connection, you'll need:

  • Phone A phone handset
    Netphone works just like a normal phone. To start using it, all you need is a standard phone plugged into your VoIP-enabled broadband modem.


  • BoB2 A VoIP-enabled broadband modem
    For a simple solution, we recommend a TG-789 modem because it's easy to set up and works with Broadband and iiNet TV.


  • Hardware A VoIP adapter (ATA)
    If you're not ready for a VoIP-enabled modem, an ATA device will let you plug in your phone handset for Netphone calls.

More information

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